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Smart electricity safety/regulatory service system

Time2019/7/1AuthoradminClick 1850
May Electric Smart Power Safety/Supervisory Service System refers to the continuous tracking and statistical analysis of the main factors (wire temperature, current, voltage and leakage current) caused by electrical appliances through the Internet of Things technology, real-time discovery of electrical lines and The safety hazards of electrical equipment (such as cable temperature abnormality, arc fault, short circuit, overload, over (under) pressure and leakage, etc.) will cut off the power supply in some pole/end situations to effectively prevent electrical fires. The system can immediately send the discovered safety hazard to the power unit management personnel to send early warning information, and guide the power unit to carry out the treatment. The system can effectively solve the electric power unit. The old, small and micro enterprises have no professional electrician, and the naked eye can't intuitively check the system. Difficulties in electrical hazards and hidden hidden dangers of hidden projects. Promote the use of smart electricity safety / supervision service system to investigate and control electrical fire safety hazards, provide low-cost professional services, effectively improve the fire safety management of electrical units and the intrinsic safety level of electrical equipment, and effectively prevent electrical fire risks, especially The occurrence of major malignant injuries/deaths/issues/deaths.