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Introduction to Smart Power Management

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Smart Power Safety Supervision Service System Based on the mature and effective power safety system developed by the current frequent electrical fire accidents, real-time online monitoring and statistical analysis of cable temperature, current, residual current and fault arc, accurately and timely discovering electrical fires Hidden troubles, eliminate potential electrical fire safety hazards, and truly achieve "fire prevention".

Platform features:
              1. Big data analysis ------ Statistics a large number of monitoring data scientific analysis of hidden danger status.
              2. Fire remote video linkage ------ support alarm and switch to disaster scene monitoring.
              3. Real-time alarm information push ------ Immediately push the alarm accurately after the alarm, and deal with the danger in time.
              4. Device detailed information query ------ Real-time monitoring of device status, showing detailed device information.
              5. Online maintenance management ------ online warranty offline processing, maintenance is fast and convenient.
              6. Analysis of comprehensive reports ------Distribute electrical fire hazards in sub-regions and analyze the electrical safety situation.
              7. Precise positioning ------ accurately display the location of the alarm unit.
              8. Historical event query ------ support to view historical alarm records of no devices.

System Components:
Xin Haosi intelligent power safety hazard supervision service system is mainly composed of smart power monitoring terminal equipment + wireless transmission equipment (optional) + Xinyun platform + display terminal (Web computer display terminal, APP mobile phone client). A variety of intelligent power monitoring terminal equipment can be selected to meet the needs of various applications.
Platform features:
Manage an unlimited number of connected devices, analyze user behavior, target reminders, collect and analyze sensor data, set interoperability across devices, run remote device provisioning and configuration