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There are so many unknown secrets in the smart power system.

Time:2019/11/13Author:adminClick: 3207
The intelligent power system refers to the system that can announce the alarm signal, the control signal and can indicate the alarm part when the probed parameter in the maintained line exceeds the alarm set value. It is controlled by the electrical fire monitoring device (can receive from the electrical fire) Monitor the alarm signal of the explorer, announce the sound and light alarm signal and control signal, indicate the alarm location, the device that records and save the alarm information) and the electrical fire monitoring explorer (exploration of the residual current, temperature and other electrical fire hazard parameters in the maintained line) The composition of the justified explorer). In the field of talented use of electricity, the system of power generation is now recognized by the profession.


The 赣 才 智 智能 智能 system has great effect on early guessing of fires and timely fire alarms, and has become a major precautionary measure for reducing electrical fires, and then played a lot in reducing people’s lives and property losses and social hazards caused by fires. Important effect. The talented electricity system has been widely demanded by society. In the talented power system, the company also uses the core development technology of the company's fire protection solution.


Since the day when it was put into the market, the power system of the company has received wide attention from all walks of life. Because the number of electrical fires in China has remained high for a long time, it is now a serious problem that cannot affect our national economic development. The system of using electricity and electricity is precisely aimed at China's national conditions and research and announcement of the talent system.


The power system can effectively monitor the faults and abnormalities of electrical circuits, and can record and save them in time, and then better discover the danger of electrical fires, so as to prompt relevant managers to deal with these dangers in a timely manner, and then avoid A series of unnecessary losses caused by the fire. Prepare the fire for the first time and destroy the electrical fire hazard in the cradle state.